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Konghong Corporation Limited is located in Xi'an high–tech development zone konghong industry park. Konghong Corporation Limited (“Konghong”) is a professional manufacturer of piezo ceramic applications since 1995, whose registered capital is CNY69,000,000, and its area of factory is 26,000 square meters.

Our core competitiveness is researching and developing high-capability piezoelectric ceramic materials and its innovation applications. Including:                                

 Piezoelectric Speaker

 Multilayer Piezoelectric Transformer

 Piezoelectric Actuator Module

 Bone Conductor

 Piezoelectric Segment

 Electronically Controlled Carburetor

Up to now, Konghong has become one of the three largest piezoelectric product manufactures around the world. Definitely, we are one of the leading high-end piezo application manufacturers in China.

Konghong has abundant technical force, advanced equipment and a post-doctoral workstation. Our R&D centre has 3 Doctors, 15 Masters and 21 Engineers. Mr Li Longtu, doctor tutor of Tsinghua University, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is the chief expert of our company.  


We actively develop new products, leading industry direction. The company not only has strong R&D strength, but also cooperates with the colleges and research institutes closely. Currently research institutes that have cooperation relations are:   State Key Laboratory of New Ceramics and Fine Processing (Tsinghua University) and State Key Laboratory of Solidification ProcessingNorthwestern Polytechnical University


Konghong have gotten more than 30 patents, 11 registered trade mark and 1national standard. Among them there are 4 invention patents, 17 utility model patents, 8 appearance design patents and 4 patents have been accepted.


Self-developed material formulation by Konghong, On the one hand, can greatly reduce the production cost, improve product performance, on the other hand, some formula also comply with the ROHS directive. In terms of technology, low temperature co-firing technology (960 ℃) and continuous polarization technique is also the company’s bright spot. By reducing the palladium content in electrode, even 100% silver electrode, accordingly reduce the production cost. Continuous polarization can improve production efficiency, guarantee the consistency of product quality, furthermore, can reduce production cost and improve product performance.

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ADD :Shaanxi province Changan District city of Xi'an East No. 888 Chang'an Avenue Ricoeur LED Industrial Park  TEL:029-84160841-2206  FAX:029-88326685